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The D’Angelo’s have been together in business for over 30 years. A lot of hard work and dedication have been devoted to this family operated business. When dining at either of our 2 locations, you are certainly treated like a guest of the family. We are proud of our Italian heritage. We strive to provide you with the best Italian feast you have ever indulged in!

Family History

Casa D’Angelo’s is a family-owned and operated business that has been in the Cleveland area for approximately 30 years.


In St. Louis Missouri, the Cunetto’s Restaurant was opened in 1972 and Grandma D’Angelo’s authentic Italian recipes were introduced to the public. It has consistently been rated one of the top restaurants in St. Louis. Around the same time, James P. D’Angelo decided he too was interested in learning to become a chef and traveled to St. Louis to learn Grandma D’Angelo’s recipes from his cousins. In 1977, Jim opened Casa D’Angelo’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And, just as in St. Louis, Casa D’Angelo’s is thriving with a total of four restaurants in Fort Wayne.


In 1986, a young and excited James G. D’Angelo (Jimmy D.) decided to spend some time in Fort Wayne to study the family cuisine from his uncle. Jimmy moved back to Cleveland and in April 1989 where he and his brothers Sam and Paul, along with Paul’s wife Donna and their parents Sam Sr. and Josephine opened Casa D’Angelo in North Royalton.

In 1994 the family searched for a new location, and found what is now Casa D’Angelo in Macedonia. The family worked hard to completely remodel the space, and they opened in September of that year.

D’Angelo’s in Twinsburg opened in December 2004. The food is still made from Grandma D’Angelo’s recipes that customers crave, with a fine dining feel.

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